Inventory for assessment of stress management skills (ISBF): Psychometric and endocrine validation of a questionnaire to determine perceived stress management skills

Project leader: Petra Wirtz
Project duration: 2009 - 2012
Funding: Swiss National Science Foundation (PP00P1-128565/1 to PW), Swiss Foundation of the Cocoa and Chocolate Industry (2009 to PW)

The study examined the psychometric characteristics of a short questionnaire for determining the stress management skills in the general population. In addition to the psychometric evaluation, researchers also carried out an endocrine validation by measuring the cortisol reactivity for standardised stress induction. The findings suggest that the questionnaire has good psychometric properties and that it is associated with subjective psychological and objective physiological stress indicators.

Wirtz, P.H., Thomas, L., Domes, G., Penedo, F.J., Ehlert, U. & Nussbeck F.W. (2013). Psychoendocrine validation of a short measure for assessment of perceived stress management skills in